Known as the Paradise of Waters, the capital of Alagoas is famous for its beaches and natural pools of crystal clear warm green waters, which occupy 6 km of wooded waterfront with bike lane, sidewalk, tents. On the beaches of Jatiúca, Ponta Verde and Pajuçara, you can enjoy the city’s charm at any time of day. In addition to the […]


Costa dos Corais

Still very close to Maceió, on the North Coast, it is possible to find beaches of unique beauty, many of them half­deserted, and as the name of the region suggests, a natural wall of coral that mix biodiversity of marine life and dazzling colors. Ecological Route Tranquility on the beaches and simplicity in the fishing villages and local residents between […]


Lagoas e Mares do Sul

The mixture of the sea with the lagoons and rivers in Alagoas enchants from sunrise to sunset. Here, nature was generous, providing a breathtaking landscape, by making this region one of the most attractive and visited routes of the state. Beaches The Francês, Barra de São Miguel, Gunga, Jequiá da Praia, Coruripe and Feliz Deserto beaches are known for the […]


Caminhos do São Francisco

Through all regions the waters of the Velho Chico (Old Chico) run, one of the most important waterways in Brazil and South America. The river bathes 5 states in the country, and, in Alagoas, it carries out the beauty and the identity of those who live on its banks, revealing the contrasts of the Hinterland scenarios. Trails In the riverside […]



The region that represents the most symbolic place of freedom struggle of blacks in Brazil is also a place of direct contact with nature in the rich reserves of the Atlantic Forest. The cultural richness of the quilombos is in the history books throughout Brazil. To see and feel closely the energy of a place that is synonymous to struggle, resistance […]


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Know our handicraft

The raw material represents Alagoas. Besides removing from the cattle, the extraction also occurs from fish, such as tilapia. The products result of skillful and creative hands are shoes, bags, sandals and hats that protect from the intense sun in the hinterland. The charming pieces have high durability and are always in fashion, after all, valuable culture is always good taste.

Know our handicraft

The braided vegetable fibers result in beautiful ornamental products such as baskets, rugs, mats and hats. After extraction of the fibers, they are handled manually by artisans themselves and, after drying, they are woven. From the coconut trees, the banana trees, the ”taboa”, the ouricuri ­ a kind of palm tree ­ even from the liana items that enchant are made.

Know our handicraft

Alagoas is a reference in weaving threads and developing unique pieces that delight the world. The hands of lacemakers are export type. The “file” lace, a type of embroidery genuinely from Alagoas, in addition to the “redendê” on towels, the patchwork of table runners and delicate “full point” and bobbin lace shape the handmade pieces. The “good night” point comes alive in linen and so, thread by thread, the pieces get to be like our people.

Master craftsmen in this typology

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Know our handicraft

The species of wood are the most varied from north to south of the state. In each region, the master craftsmen carve the raw pieces, turning them into religious images, animals from the fauna of Alagoas, besides the iconic and symbolic figureheads that, according to tradition, protects those who navigate the waters of the Velho Chico.

Know our handicraft

The mud texture would go unnoticed in its raw form, but clay when mixed carefully to water results in beautiful decorative objects such as vases, dolls and sculptures. Plastic art, simple and rustic, portrays the countryman, the dances, the folklore, the beliefs and the religiosity of the land.


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  • Bem-vinda, primavera! #TurismoAlagoas #Alagoas #Primavera
  • Quem conhece o mutum-de-alagoas? Ave símbolo do estado e extinto da natureza, acaba de retornar ao seu Estado de origem no mês em que completamos 200 anos, proporcionando aos alagoanos e turistas a possibilidade de conhecer ao vivo e em cores essa beleza. O turismo ecológico tem uma série de segmentos, um deles é a observação de aves, muito difundida fora do país, a prática atrai turistas estrangeiros para a Área de Proteção Ambiental de Murici, que tem 288 espécies vivendo em harmonia com a natureza. 💚
  • O Farol da Ponta Verde é um ponto muito visitado por turistas. Na maré baixa é possível caminhar até ele. Fotos incríveis são tiradas dessa paisagem, pelo lindo contraste do vermelho do farol com o azul do mar! Quem já tirou foto aqui? 💙 #Alagoas #AlagoasTeFazFeliz #Maceio #Maceió #MaceioAlagoas #MTur #TurismoAlagoas.  Foto: @kaiofragoso
  • O teatro de Penedo, Sete de Setembro, é o mais antigo de Alagoas. O espaço foi inaugurado há mais de 133 anos no dia 7 de Setembro de 1884 e foi reinaugurado na última sexta-feira. Quanta história tem nesse lugar! 😀 
#TurismoAlagoas #AlagoasTeFazFeliz #Nordeste #Alagoas
  • Com águas claras e de fácil acesso, a Praia Porto da Rua em São Miguel dos Milagres fica ainda mais bonita quando a maré está baixa. 💙
  • Quem conhece a Trilha do Visgueiro? Localizado no interior de uma reserva natural, fica no assentamento agrário de Água Fria, a 18 km de Maragogi. Durante a trilha é possível encontrar cachoeiras, experimentar frutas tropicais, conhecer uma autêntica casa de taipa e visitar a Associação Mulheres de Fibra. 💚
  • Parabéns, Alagoas! São 200 anos de encantos, marcados por paisagens de tirar o fôlego, uma gastronomia incrível e cultura rica! 
#TurismoAlagoas #AlagoasTeFazFeliz #Nordeste #Alagoas #Alagoas200anos
  • Fique ligado na Tábua de Marés desse final de semana! 💙 #Alagoas #AlagoasTeFazFeliz #Maceio #Maceió #MaceioAlagoas #MTur #TurismoAlagoas
  • Desde sua foz, em Piaçabuçu, até a última cidade do estado, em Delmiro Gouveia, o Rio São Francisco carrega uma vista encantadora.

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